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God of War fan defeats the Valkyrie Queen in a paltry 13 seconds



God of War fan defeats the Valkyrie Queen in a paltry 13 seconds

Defeat the Valkyrie Queen in just 13 seconds? It works !

With God of War Ragnarök releasing next week, many players are more likely to replay the first God of War title. And some fans face the craziest challenges.

Some recently surfaced videos now show even one of the toughest bosses in the game becoming a piece of cake in no time. We will tell you which trick was used to defeat the boss and how you can also fight the record fight yourself.

Defeat a God of War boss in just 13 seconds

User AhmedRoasko posts his God of War video on Reddit, in which he challenges Valkyrie Queen Sigrun in just 13 seconds. His role model is YouTuber Kaown’s video. He finished the fight on the highest difficulty level and without any mods:

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Who is Sigrun anyway? Sigrun is the Valkyrie Queen and arguably the most powerful optional boss in God of War. The winged lady possesses the abilities of all of her subordinates, making her a tough nut to crack.

This is all the more amazing considering that probably the biggest challenge of God of War itself is on the highest level of difficulty defeated in seconds. However, the veterans invested a few hours in the fight to get through their course.

The anticipation for the next God of War Ragnarök is huge. Take a look at what to expect next in the following test video:

God of War Ragnarök - Review Video: This Masterpiece Has Only One Old Weakness


God of War Ragnarök – Review Video: This Masterpiece Has Only One Old Weakness

More information on the upcoming God of War Ragnarök can be found here:

It makes Sigrun a piece of cake

What’s the secret ? The problem is that Sigrun doesn’t always fly backwards against the wall at the start of the fight. Alternatively, it flies straight at you and kills you in one shot. But if he flies backwards, you can pin him there.

Fans wear this too Zeus gear set and use it Talisman of Worlds, which can be used to temporarily slow down time. Additionally, both users use special attacks and buffs to knock Sigruns to the ground.

It is said that there are other videos in which Sigrun is defeated faster, but these videos would have used cheats that increase Kratos’ damage. So it could be that these 13 second videos are the fastest way to destroy Sigrun in the normal way.

How are you using the time until the release of God of War Ragnarök?

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