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Microsoft Teams: All kinds of innovations presented



Microsoft Teams: All kinds of innovations presented

At Microsoft Ignite 2022, there was a lot to learn about Microsoft Teams, including new features. For meetings, for example, there is the so-called together mode, in which the participants of a meeting should have the feeling that they are in the same room. Hosts and moderators can now assign seats to attendees. In addition, users can also view the shared meeting content in a separate window, so that they can easily see both the shared content and the meeting participants.

Premium Teams users are now also the first to receive live subtitles for meetings, in which an AI should recognize the correct language from 40 and translate it live. Of course, this only applies once Teams Premium is available. Until then, all Teams users should be able to take a look at the new feature in advance. Companion mode has also been improved for Android (previously only iOS) users in Teams:

  • Users can join a meeting both on their device and in Microsoft Teams Room with just one click.
  • Users can easily access chat, attendee list (to see who’s in the meeting), live reactions, and raise their hand to easily join the room
  • The sound of the mobile device is automatically muted to avoid echoes.

There are also innovations in the field of telephony. There is now a detailed call history to view. Here you will find out, among other things, how the calls were received, whether the calls were forwarded or switched and how they were checked after they were received. In the right bar of the calls application, new groups can also be created and the members of the corresponding groups managed.

Adobe Acrobat can now be optionally set as the default application for viewing and editing PDF documents in the Teams admin center. For end users, this means they don’t even need a subscription or Adobe ID to open and edit documents with the reader. Microsoft specifies that the function is currently still in preview version, so it is not yet available to all users.

The same applies to the mobile creation of short video clips for the chat, which can then be sent. The recipient can reply with a chat message or a clip. According to Microsoft, the function can already be used freely on desktop, mobile only in preview at the moment.

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