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The web player is to be discontinued in the coming year, the app will remain



The web player is to be discontinued in the coming year, the app will remain

The developer of popular app Overcast, a podcast player, said it plans to remove the web player from its service within the next year. Currently, the beginning of 2023 is already in the room, but he does not want to set a fixed date yet. However, the application for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac equipped with M1/M2 still needs to be developed.

The reason for his decision is the fact that Marco Arment – that’s the name of the good guy – just can’t find the time to regularly update the web player besides developing the app. According to him, only a very small proportion of Overcast users currently use this player and prefer to use the app instead. In the coming months, all kinds of things will happen in the covered server area, after which the further development of the application will be in full swing. Until then, it asks you to take note that some features will no longer work:

  • The website pages for podcasts and episodes will likely still exist, but the subscription list will likely no longer be available on the site.
  • Everything you hear on the website is out of sync with the app.
  • Very old versions of the Overcast app (before iOS 15) will no longer work.

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