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Copycat accounts face permanent ban



Twitter is testing a new profile tagging for verified phone numbers

Elon Musk has (again) announced adjustments on Twitter. Going forward, anyone who imitates other users’ accounts without clearly labeling them as parodies will receive a permanent ban. Additionally, changing the name will temporarily remove the blue checkmark that confirms account verification.

This should also be Musk’s personal reaction to many users changing their name to “Elon Musk” in the past few days – including previously verified accounts. This also included comedians like Kathy Griffin, who has already received at least one temporary ban.

However, it is not new that Twitter policy states that impersonating other users or organizations is prohibited. The parody accounts also had to make their intentions clear in their descriptions before the Musk acquisition.

Separately, Musk has launched an attempt to reverse some of the recent layoffs. Some employees who are actually still needed have been said goodbye. It seems kind of chaotic on Twitter right now.

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