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Elden Ring: We totally missed that Melina talk



Elden Ring: We totally missed that Melina talk

Elden Ring lore isn’t all that easy to decipher, and this easy-to-miss encounter is no exception.

Melina is our mysterious ally as we travel through the middle lands of the Elden Ring. The word “companion” would not quite fit since she only appears from time to time. For certain encounters, at the right time, we must carefully study the menu of grace so as not to miss that we can call it to us. On Reddit, a fan points out one such interaction that we haven’t heard about ourselves, and while it’s brief, it contains an interesting clue.

It’s the interaction

Everything revolves around this: On Reddit, user I_AmDaWikingNow confesses that he only discovered a particular interaction with Melina after 730 hours of play. The Land Between is so full of hidden secrets that most players will probably discover something new even after several plays. . But that number of hours alone is impressive.

Spoiler alert: The following section contains spoilers for Melina, important characters in between the lands, and an NPC quest.

The interaction reported by I_AmDaWikingNow occurs when the fan summons Melina to Grace Altus Highway Junction after talking to NPC Boc there. She reports that she sees Boc cry from time to time and thinks she misses her mother and just wants someone to tell her he’s handsome. This gives a valuable clue on how to complete the questline.

A nod to Melina’s story

Immediately afterwards, she also makes an interesting suggestion, wondering if people born of a mother behave like this. This, of course, suggests that this is not the case for her. Surely you know the speculation that Melina is the daughter of Marika or you have already assumed it yourself.

So does that mean it’s not true? Not necessarily. The title on most soul story topics could be “It’s Complicated”. There is a lot of discussion about this under the Reddit post. For example, JPLangley notes:

[…] I feel like Melina was created by Marika to be Ranni’s vessel after the Night of the Black Knives. […] Unlike Miquella and Malenia, Melina was therefore not really a girl. She was a tool to be used in an extremely deep conspiracy to overthrow cosmic and intangible beings.

Is Melina Marika's daughter or maybe she was created by Marika for a specific purpose?

Is Melina Marika’s daughter or was she “created” by Marika for a specific purpose?

Whether this is really Marika’s goal and matches her intentions would be a long discussion, but the idea that Melina was created for a purpose is certainly interesting. HutSutRawlson has something else to consider about Melina and Marrika:

It is implied that Melina is Marika and Radagon’s third child, alongside Miquella and Malenia. His mother is also his father.

That the two important people are actually one and the same person is also a popular theory, which we have prepared in an article. However, this alone does not provide a direct explanation of how Melina came into the world without being born to a mother.

If you are interested in the history of the Elden Ring, the Vaatividya YouTube channel is a good source of in-depth information. But even knowledge experts like him have to speculate on many points, because FromSoftware is often vague.

Did you call Melina at that time and how do you understand what was said?

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