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iPad Pro 2022 has dynamic volume buttons



iPad Pro 2022 has dynamic volume buttons

Interesting story with the 2022 iPad Pro. With iPadOS 15.4, Apple introduced a feature that can let you control the volume more naturally. The setting can be found under Settings > Sounds and you should see for yourself what you find most comfortable for you:

Volume control is activated first in a fixed position. So there is a switch for louder, one for quieter. They are always in the same place. If the buttons are at the top left, as if you normally hold your iPad Pro in landscape mode, the left button would be used to increase the volume. The one on the right lowers the volume. If you’re holding the iPad with the switches down, then it’s… right, switch right for quieter, left for louder. Is the fixed position activated?

Disabled If you make the adjustment now, the volume control is adjusted according to the position of the iPad. If the sliders are on the top left, the left one will make it quieter and the right one will make it louder. It’s more natural, isn’t it? Logo, because that’s how you do it with those round controls on stereo systems. It becomes stronger to the right.

In any case, this function is no longer available on the new iPad Pro 2022, since the standard is now the one I described after the change. We therefore pay attention to the position of the iPad. The setting for this can no longer be found on the 2022 iPad Pro, see our screenshot above this paragraph. It is not known whether Apple generally presets, because in iPadOS 16.1 and the beta of 16.2 everything can still be adjusted by the user on the predecessor iPad Pro. iPad mini (6th generation) and iPad Air (5th generation) were dynamically activated at the factory for the first time.

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