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‘John Wick’: A Planned Triple-A Video Game



'John Wick': A Planned Triple-A Video Game

Lionsgate would also like to create a triple-A video game to accompany its “John Wick” film series starring Keanu Reeves. According to IndieWire, studio CEO Jon Felheimer confirmed this to investors. We have already received various suggestions from potential partners.

However, the project is still at a very early stage. Nevertheless, one is convinced that a great AAA game can certainly be created from “John Wick”. It remains to be seen whether Keanu Reeves himself could also participate. He also participated in “Cyberpunk 2077” and embodied the character of Johnny Silverhand, key character of the title, via motion capture and his voice.

A smaller title has already been released for “John Wick” with “John Wick Hex”. With a higher budget and advanced technology, much more could of course be done. However, since Lionsgate is only now negotiating with developers, it can be years before a finished game actually hits the market.

Fans can catch up with The Continental, a spin-off prequel series that will premiere on Amazon Prime Video in 2023. Another spin-off, Ballerina, starring Ana de Armas, is also expected to enter production soon.

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