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New information and gameplay apparently on Wednesday



Warzone 2.0 launches mid-November and sends us into the desert

Next week Warzone 2 will drop us in a brand new map, there’s probably some information ahead of time.

There’s just under a week until the official launch of Call of Duty: Warzone 2 on November 16, 2022. And while a lot is now known about CoD’s completely revamped Free2Play Battle Royale variant, There has been no official unveiling or extended gameplay scenes yet.

But that seems to be changing this week. At least everything indicates that we will get new information and gameplay impressions of Warzone 2 on Wednesday November 9th. This is evident from the invitations various influencers (CoD) have received, including the people behind the “Modern Warzone” Twitter account.

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DMZ mode is presented in detail for the first time

So there’s a preview session right at Infinity Ward, which will be streamed live by influencers on Wednesday. It’s not yet clear exactly how the reveal will take place – i.e. if there will be an official Activision stream with general information in addition to the many influencer streams. We’ve checked with Activision and will update the article as soon as we have feedback.

DMZ mode presented for the first time: So far, there have only been sporadic reports about DMZ, Warzone’s new major mode. So the game variant should be based on popular games like Escape from Tarkov Lean on and let us do many tasks on the vast map, thanks to which we can decide for ourselves when we want to fly. On Wednesday, there will be many game scenes from the mode for the first time.

The announcement trailer already offered some excerpts from Warzone 2:

CoD Modern Warfare 2 - Trailer Reveals Multiplayer and Warzone 2


CoD Modern Warfare 2 – Trailer Reveals Multiplayer and Warzone 2

This is known so far for Warzone 2

  • Warzone 2 is a brand new map, namely Al Mazrah, a desert map
  • The basic system with the ever smaller ring because the playing area will be varied, sometimes there will be several circles in the matches, among other things
  • There are also AI soldiers running around the map, some of which even occupy entire fortresses
  • Gulag spawn system now features 2v2 duels
  • There will be a third person playlist
  • The loot system should be more transparent and “realistic”, health packs should be in bathrooms, for example, etc.
  • Game progress is shared with the mobile version of Warzone

For more information on the Al Mazrah map, it is best to read our separate article:

All points of interest and the new Gulag on Al Mazrah

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 Map

All points of interest and the new Gulag on Al Mazrah

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 will be released as a Free2Play title for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC and will feature many other innovations in addition to DMZ mode.

Are you looking forward to the reveal?

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