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QuTS hero h5.0.1 is here and brings minor innovations



QuTS hero h5.0.1 is here and brings minor innovations

QNAP, a NAS system manufacturer, has announced a new version of its QuTS hero operating system. Version 5.0.1 of it is now available in the download center. The version jump already gives an idea that the release did not include revolutionary news, but rather one or the other smaller feature. Now up to 5 petabytes of storage capacity per shared folder is possible. Windows Search Protocol (WSP) is now also supported for mounted folders to search for files via SMB on Windows. Files can now be secured with LUN encryption. In addition, RAID hard disk replacement with spare disks is now supported, even before a possible failure.

The main new features of QuTS hero h5.0.1

  • Up to 5 petabytes of capacity per shared folder
    Petabyte-scale capabilities give organizations the confidence to run storage-intensive applications such as big data analytics, edge computing, and AI.
  • Secure file access with LUN encryption
    In addition to full NAS encryption and shared folder encryption, users can now encrypt specific LUNs to enhance access security.
  • Replacing the RAID hard disk with spare disks before a possible failure
    When NAS drives fail, as indicated by system slowdown, SMART scores, or DA Disk Analyzer predictions, affected hard drives in a RAID group can be replaced with spare hard drives at any time. This greatly improves system reliability and eliminates the need for a RAID rebuild.
  • Windows Search Protocol (WSP) support for mounted shared folders
    WSP uses the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol. WSP allows users to browse NAS shared folders from Windows when an SMB drive is connected to the NAS.

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