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Signal Messenger now with history feature



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Caschy had already picked it up at the beginning of October: the messenger’s signal had a history function. Stories allow users to create images, videos, and text and share them with their friends on Signal. Stories then automatically disappear after 24 hours. Stories are end-to-end encrypted at Signal.

You can share your stories with all your Signal connections (Signal Connections = Contacts + anyone you’ve had a 1:1 chat with), with a custom list of friends, or with a Signal group. Everything was tested for the first time in the beta version. Now all users can enjoy it. Important point: if you don’t like the stories, you can turn them off completely in the settings if you wish.

It is the same principle that you know from other messengers like WhatsApp. Difference: Signal should focus on user privacy, developers say. Stories are available for iOS and Android from version 6.0. The desktop version of Signal will follow shortly.

Personalized stories allow users to share stories with smaller, predefined subsets of people. For example, a custom story can be created just for co-workers, family members, or school friends. It is then only visible to people who have been added to that custom stories list. Users can also send stories to existing group chats. With this, any member of the group can view this story even if they are not a signal connection from the story creator. All group members can react and respond to a group story. Comments and reactions can also be seen for the entire group.

You can see if you can use the function under Signal.

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