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New KQi1 Sport and KQi Youth electric scooters



New KQi1 Sport and KQi Youth electric scooters

This year’s EICMA in Milan has started and NIU, an electric vehicle manufacturer, is showcasing new products at the same time. To that end, the KQi scooter series has been expanded to include the KQi1 Sport and KQi Youth. There is also a new design for an existing model as part of a partnership with Diesel.

The KQi1 Sport is aimed at beginners in Germany at a price of 399 euros. In this country, the top speed is known to be capped at 20 km/h, even if the model could theoretically be on the road at 25 things. The manufacturer also indicates the range at 25 km. This should clearly indicate that the particular battery capacity has been saved. More details are not yet available, the scooter will not be available until December 2022 anyway.

For the KQi Youth, it will have to wait until January 2023. Then you want to bring the model, which is aimed at children – as the name suggests – to the local market. The KQi Youth is for 6 to 12 year olds, while the Youth+ is for 8 to 14 year olds. The maximum speed here is only 16 km/h. The scooters contain a 200 watt lithium battery, which should provide a range of 11 kilometers. Incidentally, the Youth models are also more colorful. The grip tape is replaceable and the ambient lighting is changeable. The model for children costs 299 euros.

Since the regulations for small electric vehicles in this country stipulate a minimum age of 14, these are probably devices intended for private ownership. The speed reduced to 16 km / h should not change anything. However, we asked the company again about this.

A collaboration with Diesel is also new to announce. This gives birth to a chrome effect collection. Two special models will be offered with the Diesel x NIU Edition MQi GT Emoped and the Diesel x NIU Edition KQi2 electric scooter. The moped in the diesel variant will start in February 2023 for 5999 euros. The diesel version of the electric scooter will follow in April 2023 for 699 euros in European markets.

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