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Tesla compensates for the reduction in the environmental bonus of Model 3 and Model Y in 2023



Now cheaper with rear-wheel drive

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been thrust into even more of the limelight by taking over Twitter. With his first “official acts”, he does not make many friends and has to take a lot of criticism (often with good reason). Tesla itself is also in the crosshairs as various delivery times for electric cars are missed. The transition to next year is approaching and we remember: The environmental bonus will continue for purely electric cars, but will decrease.

Tesla is therefore granting Model 3 and Model Y buyers the following deal: You pay the difference in the environmental bonus of 2022 and 2023. Besides the delivery times themselves, the lower environmental bonus is certainly a reason for faster delivery for many – Tesla hereby prevents it.

If you ordered a Model 3 or Model Y or order before December 31, 2022, Tesla will cover the “deficit” with the reduced premium. In the fine print of the email sent to the customer, it is specified that no modification can be made to the order for this purpose. In addition, the compensation cannot be combined with any other reduction or advantage. In addition, delivery must be accepted immediately as soon as a vehicle is ready for delivery.

Applies only if you have a vehicle order agreement for a Model 3 or Model Y by December 31, 2022 and make no changes of any kind to your order prior to delivery. This compensation cannot be combined with any other reduction or advantage. To qualify for compensation, you are required to pay the price of the vehicle immediately after invoicing or present a completed finance agreement and accept delivery as soon as your vehicle is made available for delivery. Otherwise, Tesla reserves the right to re-invoice without compensation, adjust the price or cancel your order. Any delay in delivery on the part of the customer will lead to the cancellation of the indemnity. Compensation will only apply if delivery is accepted in 2023 and will be reflected directly on the final invoice. The compensation only covers the difference between the environmental bonus 2022 and the environmental bonus 2023 and does not include the federal part, including the innovation bonus, of the environmental bonus 2023. The federal government reimburses this part at the request of the customer eligible for financing if all financing conditions are met. These conditions apply to customers who order via our online or in-store configurator; different conditions may apply to customers who order as entrepreneurs.

In fact a great initiative that does not necessarily go without saying. This could certainly calm things down a bit for either customer while they wait for their new electric vehicle to be delivered.

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