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Google Pixel Fold: this is what it should look like



Google Pixel Fold: this is what it should look like

Rumors of a foldable Google smartphone under the Pixel brand have been circulating for a long time. To be precise, a Pixel Fold will certainly be in discussion for almost two years. Now there is surprising news. John Prosser shows off the first renders created from images and meant to show off the legendary foldable. So far, Google has neither announced nor confirmed such a device. As usual, such rumors and leaks should be treated with some caution. Prosser’s predictions came true a couple of times, but he also hit the wrong target.

According to available information and render images, the Google Pixel Fold should appear in Chalk (white) and Obsidian (black) colors. So far there are only details on the optics, but not on the technical specifications. You probably only have one pixel there – tinkered with a “flagship camera” at the usual level. Either way, it shouldn’t be cheap. In the coin is 1799 US dollars and a release date of May 2023.

From a purely visual point of view, the Pixel Fold looks like a mix of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the Pixel 7 Pro. The camera bump does not reach the side due to the folding mechanism. On the front is a large external display with a punch hole for the front camera.

Depending on the available renditions, the display edges are not too narrow:

The large inner screen has no additional recess for the camera. We’ll have to wait and see how much of a crease there is. Could such a Pixel Fold be a device for you? After all, Google is known for doing a few things right with Pixel 7 devices.

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