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Eiffel Tower presented with 10,001 pieces



Eiffel Tower presented with 10,001 pieces

Lego, with many models now in the “luxury goods” segment, has launched what is probably the biggest set of 2022. From the Icon Series, you will be able to obtain and build the Eiffel Tower from November 25 . Just like the original building, this model is also made up of 4 segments.

The construction process closely mirrors how the real tower works to provide a unique insight into Gustave Eiffel’s engineering, says Lego. The 360° model corresponds to the construction of the real Eiffel Tower with its arches, supports, crosspieces and railings. Comprised of 10,001 parts, this collectible is nearly 1.5 meters tall (the model is 149cm high, 57cm wide and 57cm deep, making it one of the largest models to this day) and will cost 629.99 euros.

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