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God of War Ragnarok mod removes Kratos’ beard and it’s a questionable idea



God of War Ragnarok mod removes Kratos' beard and it's a questionable idea

Maybe the usual beard wouldn’t be so bad here after all?

God of War Ragnarök is barely a few days old since there is already a mod for the game. It is a kind of virtual razor, as it removes Kratos’ beard and thus provides quite interesting visuals.

Kratos beard – Better all or nothing

After some teasing, YouTuber and modder Speclizer has now released a video with Ragnarök’s intro, in which Kratos completely misses his thick beard. It seems quite unusual at first. But since the beard could not be removed 100%, it seems strange. A few individual stubbles can still be found on the upper lip as if forgotten. But see for yourself:

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Especially in direct comparison with the bearded Kratos, we notice that it was actually a good decision on his part to let him grow. If you think about it more closely, it’s not only for aesthetic reasons, but also because a thick beard keeps your face warm even in winter.

In previous games, the god of war sometimes only wore a goatee, which was probably nicer in the rather mild Greece, but those days seem to be over now. Perhaps Atreus will follow in his father’s style footsteps at some point in this regard.

You can read more about God of War Ragnarok here:

There are many more where this mod came from

As Speclizer has already announced, the beard remover will not be the last mod in the game, so we can expect more changes in the game in the near future. And who knows, maybe the next mod will give Kratos a fancy hairstyle for his full beard or replace his character model with that of a rainbow unicorn?

Will you also remember the beardless Kratos? And what mods would you like to see in the future?

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