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Google is also testing Material You in Chrome Canary and ChromeOS



Google is also testing Material You in Chrome Canary and ChromeOS

Google seems to be working under high pressure to accommodate Material You not only on Android devices, but also in Chrome and especially ChromeOS. Remember: In Android, Material You means above all that the coloring of the system is based on the background image selected by the user.

This means that the surface appears much better in harmony with each other than before. Now, such a function has also been discovered in the current Canarian version of Chrome as well as a first preview of ChromeOS.

This gives Chromebooks in particular the ability to look as sleek as Android devices with Material You support. But in my opinion, the Chrome browser also makes a little more difference, although in the end it may just be a visual gimmick.

It will certainly still be some time before all users can officially access Material You on the device of their choice. If you are also a canary user, look for the flag in the current version Customize Chrome color pull. This should activate the feature.

Allows you to set the theme color based on the background image color when the background image is changed in the Customize Chrome New Tab page.

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