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The built-in Amazon Alexa hands-free on smartphones will be phased out



Amazon Alexa: switch devices based on time

From the end of March 2023, Amazon will no longer support the built-in “Alexa Hands-Free” function on smartphones. Users can continue to use hands-free Alexa until then. However, there may be issues if users update to a new operating system before March 31, 2023.

But there’s no need to panic for “hands-free Alexa” users. Amazon is dropping the smartphone built-in function which has been implemented with some partners such as Oppo, Motorola, realme, OnePlus and Xiaomi, so it has been included and active from the factory.

If you have it enabled, the whole thing has been working in the Alexa app itself since 2020. So if you have a smartphone with “Alexa Hands-Free” built-in, you might want to switch to the app and use the feature who is there. When we inquired, we received the following statement:

We regularly review our features to ensure that we invest in services that delight our customers. We have decided to end support for whole-phone Alexa hands-free calling on Android smartphones by the end of March 2023. While we recognize that this news may be disappointing for some customers, we will continue to investing in the Alexa experience within the Alexa app to provide our customers with seamless access to the features and experiences they love.

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