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Apple would buy chips in the United States and the EU



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Apple – like many other companies – has struggled with supply chain issues since the pandemic began. This leads to sometimes endless delivery times and therefore also to Apple not being able to sell as much as one would like. So another strategy is needed.

Apple currently sources the majority of its chips, such as the M1, M2 or iPhone A series, from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company – TSMC for short. According to a Bloomberg report, that may well change. Gurman sources say Tim Cook said in an internal meeting that they would also like to use chips from the US and EU. TSMC is currently building a factory in Arizona, which could also be a starting point, among others. But others are also building capacity in Arizona, including Intel.

In the EU, few companies are implicated. Europe’s largest semiconductor cluster is located in Dresden. Global Foundries, Infineon and Bosch, among others, are based there. Bosch has just built one of the most modern plants there and Infineon also wants to expand significantly over the next few years.

From a strategic point of view, it is certainly not wrong to position oneself more broadly. It will be interesting to see what effects this will have on prices. Before 2024, however, you probably won’t notice any changes.

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