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E-Cigarettes and Marijuana are as Harmful to the Heart as Smoking – Healing Practice



Effects of electronic cigarettes and marijuana on the heart

Cigarettes, e-cigarettes and marijuana foster cardiac arrhythmias and have equally important deleterious effects on the heart. In this regard, e-cigarettes are by no means a more harmless alternative to smoking.

In a new study by experts from University of California-San Francisco It has been studied whether the smoke or vapor from cigarettes, electronic cigarettes containing liquid containing nicotine, tobacco heaters (here IQOS) and marijuana can lead to cardiac arrhythmias. The results are published in the journal “heartbeat“published.

Study conducted on rats

The team exposed rats to smoke from Marlboro cigarettes, aerosol from JUUL e-cigarettes, aerosol from IQOS heated tobacco product, marijuana smoke, and modified marijuana smoke without cannabinoids a times a day for study. The effects were compared to those of clean air.

Animals got involved once a day exposure to inhalation of smoke or aerosol twice per minute for five seconds for a period of five minutes. Animals breathed clean air between inhalations. Overall, this experiment was conducted five days a week for a period of eight weeks carried out, say the experts.

Negative effects on the heart and blood pressure

Researchers found that exposure had an increasingly negative effect on heart function animals and also theirs arterial pressure ascend.

An analysis of the electrical and physical properties of the heart showed that Everybody products reviewed negative effects had, according to the research team.

What damage has occurred to the heart?

Its use led to more heart scarring, narrowing of blood vessels, a change in the type of nerves in the heart, a reduced ability to vary heart rate, and a higher risk of heart disease, according to the team. cardiac arrhythmias.

It is remarkable that all of these tobacco and marijuana products have such similar effects. And what’s really remarkable is that it was caused by just one realistic smoking/vaping session per day.‘ reports the author of the study professor doctor Matthieu Springer in a Press release.

Increased risk factors for cardiac arrhythmias

The team found that cigarettes, e-cigarettes and marijuana severely alter the heart’s electrical activity, structure and neural regulation. Each of these changes often leads to cardiac arrhythmias, says study author Dr Huiliang Qiu further away.

To function optimally, the heart must pump blood efficiently and at the right time. Nerves control the electrical control system of the heart, allowing electrical impulse so passes through the cardiac muscle that the whole heart synchronized becomes, whereby the pumping processes are properly coordinatedexplain the researchers.

However, if certain parts of the heart do not process these electrical signals properly, it is related to the fact that different areas of the heart asynchronous function. So the domains tend to work against each other, which arrhythmias trigger, which can have life-threatening consequences.

Electronic cigarettes and marijuana are by no means harmless

The bottom line is that e-cigarettes, IQOS and marijuana cigarettes still exist many of the potentially harmful effects of smoking train. None of these products should be considered a safe substitute for smoking“, like that professor doctor jumper.

Although rats may serve as a good model for many cardiovascular effects in humans, experts say more studies on effects in humans are needed to draw firm conclusions. (as)

Author and source information

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  • University of California – San Francisco: Marijuana and e-cigs can harm the heart like traditional cigarettes (published 11/15/2022), University of California-San Francisco

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