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How does diet affect wounds? – healing practice



Chronic wounds of diabetes: role of diet

According to experts, about three percent of the population in Germany suffers from it Diabetes sweet. These patients more often have wound healing problems injuries combat. What role does she play nutrition with such wounds?

As the German Diabetes Society (DDG) in a recent Message writes, chronic wounds are one of many secondary diseases of type 2 diabetes that are associated with a high level of suffering for the patient. As with various other consequences of diabetes, the risk of developing poorly healing wounds also depends on diet. But what influence does diet have on existing wounds?

Adjust blood sugar optimally

The main objective of the treatment of diabetes is good metabolic control. If blood sugar levels are optimally adjusted through the interaction of diet, exercise and any medication, this not only reduces vascular risk, but also ensures that nerve function is preserved.

“The two factors, nerve damage and blood vesselsdecisively contribute to the development of chronic wounds”explains medical professor Dr. Thomas Skurk, head of the human studies research axis at the Institute for Food and Health (ZIEL) at the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

Reduced tenderness in the feet, which is associated with sugar-related effects nerve damage goes hand in hand, increases the risk of injury and ensures that it is not immediately noticed by those affected. Restricted vascular function and insufficient blood flow lead to ulcers that do not heal or heal poorly.

Rapid weight loss is not always possible

If a chronic wound already exists, the role of nutrition is no longer so easy to understand. Because even if many type 2 diabetic patients are overweight, quite a few have it at the same time malnutrition on.

“Many patients take certain nutrients undersuppliedwhich are important for the immune system and for wound healing”, says Skurk. This does not only apply to geriatric patients, although the risk is particularly high for them.

In order not to aggravate the shortage, a sufficient quantity energy supply To secure and maintain the general condition, rapid weight loss is not always possible.

Also keep in mind other common complications of diabetes

Just a large scale Injuries are compounded by other issues that have a direct impact on nutrition. “Here, secretions from the wound can lead to a pronounced loss of fluid and protein, which must be compensated”according to Skurk.

When increasing the amount of drink along with a high protein diet, other common complications of diabetes such as heart or kidney disease should also be considered.

According to the expert from Munich, attempts to improve wound healing with the help of certain amino acids, vitamins or minerals have not yet led to a breakthrough. A proven nutrient deficiency must be compensated in any case.

Potential for nutritional effect mainly in prevention

If and how the healing of existing wounds is improved by such nutritional interventions can be promoted is not yet clear, since studies on this topic are so far scarce. “Local measures such as wound cleaning, wound covering and infection control are certainly more crucial for the healing process”explains Skurk.

The greatest potential for nutritional effect lies primarily in prevention. Anything that helps prevent the development of type 2 diabetes – i.e. a healthy, balanced diet and adequate exercise –, also help prevent chronic wounds, especially if you already have type 2 diabetes.

What health way of life is known to most people, but it is not easy for many to integrate sports or regular walks into everyday life and do without high-calorie snacks.

Politics is also important here. The specific measures that the DDG calls for as part of the national diabetes strategy include the introduction of a so-called “Healthy VAT– with tax refunds for healthy foods and tax increases for unhealthy foods – as well as mandatory Nutri-Score labeling for all foods.

In addition, the DDG recommends formulating binding standards for healthy meals in daycare and school, incorporating one hour of daily exercise into the timetable and unhealthy eating for children with a total ban on advertising. (ad)

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