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‘Keystone’ streaming device isn’t coming right now and Phil Spencer explains why



'Keystone' streaming device isn't coming right now and Phil Spencer explains why

A streaming solution would be directly connected to a monitor or TV. An Xbox would then no longer be necessary.

As we learned earlier this year, Microsoft has been working on a streaming device dubbed “Keystone” for some time. This connects to a television or other screen, then gives access to the Game Pass catalog. An Xbox console would then no longer be necessary.

But nothing will come from a timely release of the device, on the contrary. Microsoft has suspended work for the time being and it will likely be a long time before we finally see Keystone. And Xbox boss Phil Spencer has now revealed why that is in an interview with The Verge.

dear money

And as is often the case in life, Keystone is all about the money. According to Spencer, Keystone was more expensive than they would have liked with the built-in hardware. Even though he doesn’t mention a specific price in the interview, he uses the Xbox Series S with its almost $300 as a comparison. Presumably to signal that a streaming box should be significantly cheaper than the already available budget Xbox.

When asked, however, Spencer named the “right” price for him, i.e. the amount of money the Xbox boss had in mind for such a streaming device.

I don’t want to announce a specific price, but I think you need to be around $129 or $99 for this to make sense to me. We just haven’t been there with a controller yet.

For Spencer, the price mentioned would therefore be intended for a bundled offer with an Xbox controller. This would put Keystone in the price range of other streaming boxes.

In comparison: A current Apple TV with 64 GB of memory currently costs just under 170 euros, an Amazon Fire Stick costs around 40 euros. Sure, these have a different offering, but they’re pretty comparable in terms of features and focus.

Prototype teaser in October, cooperation with Samsung

In mid-October, Phil Spencer “leaked” a photo of the Keystone prototype, at that time many still assumed the device would be announced soon. But things turned out differently and Microsoft explained the delay in the project:

Xbox Boss Actually Teased A Streaming Device, But It Will Never Appear (Update)


more on the subject

Xbox Boss Actually Teased A Streaming Device, But It Will Never Appear (Update)

A dedicated streaming device is still a long way off, but a virtual solution already exists. Because since the middle of the year there is also an app for smart TVs which provides access to Game Pass – also without a console. The hook: So far, the application is only available for certain TV models from the manufacturer Samsung, and an extension to other brands has not yet been announced. In his column, Chris writes why he thinks the app is a great idea, but it’s still excluding too many people right now.

How much would you pay for a streaming box?

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