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Twitter Blue with Verified tick: restarted on November 29



Twitter is testing a new profile tagging for verified phone numbers

The Twitter madness continues and Elon Musk continues to be its captain for this outing. From the outside, since he took over Twitter, it’s total chaos. With the Twitter Blue payment service, Musk also wanted to automatically sell the blue tick for verification. The whole thing leads to situations where some fake accounts were created, which were then hacked to the detriment of the real accounts. As a result, Twitter Blue was discontinued.

Musk tweets about it again and announces Blue’s reboot, including a verified hook for November 29th. Aside from the fact that it’s insane to charge for something that used to be free, it’s exciting to see what’s changed. According to this, you will lose the hook if you change your name, among other things. Twitter must then first confirm.

Let’s see if there are still any issues and how Twitter responds. Twitter Blue is currently not available in this country anyway. Whether that’s a bad thing remains to be seen.

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