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Are Irene Kim and J-Hope dating?



Are Irene Kim and J-Hope Dating

Celebrities and dating rumors go hand in hand. And when it comes to BTS members, there have been many rumors and ships for each member. The most recent is about Irene Kim and J-Hope. But is there any truth in the speculations? Are the talented model and the music sensation really dating? Well, let’s find out in this article.

Are the Irene Kim and J-Hope dating rumors real?

J Hope

Whenever there is a dating rumor, fans go crazy. And that’s what happened this time too. The Irene Kim and J-Hope dating rumor is one of the most exciting for the Army. First of all, there is no confirmed news about them. But the military has clues about the two and they’re pretty sure they might be dating. So what is it? Well, recently there have been many instances where Irene and J-Hope have been seen together. The military also saw them together with several similar items.

This includes jewelry, phone cases, and even outfits. With the matching outfits out in public, Army gets super horny and speculates about their relationship. In some cases, fans have noted that the duo pose very similarly. Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that Irene Kim appeared at Chicago’s Lollapalooza music festival. J-Hope became the first Asian to perform at the music festival and he drew a huge crowd. Fans had been very excited for him to perform there. And it looks like Irene Kim and Jimin also attended the show.

But it could very well be just good friends coming to support each other. However, the military is also very divided in its opinion on the two datings. Some believe that given so many appearances of the two together, sharing similar items and also posing with each other, they are bound to date. Others think they are unlikely to date, they are just very good friends.

There has been no official announcement or statement from J-Hope or Irene Kim on this. They haven’t even hinted at anything about them dating in any way. All rumors are just fan and military speculation. But none of the speculation is a proven fact. So for now, it’s best to understand that Irene Kim and J-Hope aren’t dating. They are very good friends and are often seen supporting each other at various events.


Who is Irene Kim?

Are Irene Kim and J-Hope dating?
Irene Kim

One of the most famous faces online is Irene Kim. Although Irene is of South Korean descent, she grew up in Seattle, Washington. She is a model, actress and businesswoman. Irene started her career working for J Koo, KYE, Youser, Supercomma B and S=YZ. She has also worked with famous luxury designers Mulberry, Ferragamo, MATCHESFASHION, MaxMara, Calvin Klein, Charles & Keith and Chanel. Not only that, Irene Kim worked alongside Kendall Jenner as Estée Lauder’s Global Beauty Contributor.

She is also the Chanel brand ambassador. Apart from brand and runway endorsements, Irene has also appeared on the covers of some notable fashion magazines like Cosmopolitan Korea, Marie Claire Taiwan, W Korea, Harper’s Bazaar Korea, Elle Thailand, and Grazia Magazine China. Not only a successful model, but Irene Kim is also an efficient businesswoman. She launched her clothing brand in 2018 titled IRENEISGOOD. The brand has stores all over Shanghai, China, and Seoul, South Korea. Irene has also appeared in a number of TV series like Hangout with Yoo, Somebody Feed Phil and Shooting Stars.

Who is J-Hope?

This person certainly needs no introduction. J-Hope is part of the phenomenally successful South Korean boy band BTS. He is a rapper, singer-songwriter, dancer and record producer. J-Hope made his BTS debut in 2013 on M! Countdown. There is no doubt that the army loves J-Hope who is first and foremost the rapper of the group.

Now that the BTS members have decided to explore solo careers, J-Hope has also released some solo songs. He released his first solo mixtape titled Hope World in 2018. One of the songs, “Daydream”, was a chart-topper and topped the Billboard 100, making him one of ten Korean artists to do so. His single “Chicken Noodle Soup” featuring Becky G also topped the Billboard 100. J-Hope is the first BTS member to release his debut solo album Jack in the Box. He is also the first Asian to perform at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago.


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