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Black stakes in the ground – That’s what’s behind



Black stakes in the ground - That's what's behind

Black stakes in crimson and purple open special shrines for you.

Pokémon Crimson and Crimson gives you plenty of freedom to explore its open world. During your journey, you may also come across mysterious stakes planted in the ground all over the world. You can pull them out of the ground, but they will crumble into dust and disappear. Since the game doesn’t tell you what they’re doing, we’ll answer the mystery for you.

Warning, spoilers! Although we won’t go into details here, we will reveal what you will find when you remove all the pegs from the ground. So read on only if you don’t want to find out this information yourself.

Pull the black stakes out of the ground and open the shrines

The good news is that you don’t have to worry too much about black stakes early in the game. This is endgame content. This means you can focus on the three main story paths for now. In order to find all of the stakes, you must first unlock all of Miraidon’s or Koraidon’s abilities. You can read how to do it here:

This is how Koraidon and Miraidon learn to swim, slide, and more.

Pokemon Crimson/Carmine

This is how Koraidon and Miraidon learn to swim, slide, and more.

What are black stakes for? Of course, you can collect the publications that you can already access from the start. The posts are available in four colors: yellow, green, blue and purple. There are eight of each color in the world. If you have collected all the poles of one color, the door of one of the poles opens four shrineswhich are distributed in Paldea.

You can find it in Black Stakes shrines

Once you have opened the shrines, you can enter them and you will find in each of them a Legendary Pokémon at level 60. You will find these four Legendaries there:

  • chongjian
  • baojian
  • yuyu
  • crazy

An overview of all legendary Pokémon in crimson and purple can also be found here:

All legendary Pokémon at a glance


Pokemon Crimson and Crimson

All legendary Pokémon at a glance

You can also check out the Crimson/Crimson GamePro review here:

Pokémon Crimson + Crimson - Test video for the first Pokémon in the open world

10:00 a.m.

Pokémon Crimson & Crimson – Test video for the first open world Pokémon

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Pokémon Crimson and Crimson was released exclusively on Nintendo’s Switch console on November 18, 2022. If you are currently experiencing performance issues while playing, you can try this trick which has already helped some fans.

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