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Kim Namjoon’s wife: is he secretly married?



Kim Namjoon Wife

As for the members of BTS, they are always shrouded in rumors and speculation. And recently a rumor surfaced about RM or Kim Namjoon. And in today’s article, we will be looking at the truth behind the rumor along with other details related to it.

Who is Kim Namjoon’s wife?

Kim Namjoon

Almost the entire army considers themselves the wife of one of the BTS members. But this time ARMY is curious if BTS’ RM actually has a wife. Well, this has to be one of the most bizarre speculations and rumors about a member of BTS. The army believes that Kim Namjoon, also known as RM, is married and has children. But is this rumor true? Most likely, this rumor is not true. Big Hits, the label overlooking BTS also made an official announcement about it. In a statement made by them, they made it very clear that RM is not married and they do not support these rumors at all.

But maintaining discretion over their personal lives is an important part of any K-Pop artist’s life. Well, it is because fans often consider them as idols and if such news about their relationship is heard, they lose a lot of fans. It is also considered inappropriate for K-Pop artists to make statements about their private lives in public. Kim Namjoon himself has not commented on this rumor. And whenever he’s been asked about a relationship, he’s said he loves his fans and isn’t planning on being in a relationship yet. With these facts in mind, it’s safe to say that Kim Namjoon is unmarried and definitely doesn’t have any children.


Where do these rumors come from?

Let’s see the reason behind the start of such a rumor. Well, this weird rumor started after Kim Namjoon was spotted wearing a big and impressive ring on her left hand. Even though in Korea it is not mandatory that if you wear a ring you are married, but there is a trend that if you date someone for a long time, the couples exchange rings. This gave rise to the rumor that Kim Namjoon might be married or engaged. Many fans even think he might have a secret girlfriend. But all of this is pure speculation and rumors from Kim Namjoon’s fans.

Who is Kim Namjoon?

Who is Kim Namjoon's wife?
Kim Namjoon

There are very few people who haven’t heard of Kim Namjoon. He is better known as RM or formerly Rap Monster. RM is a rapper, singer-songwriter and record producer, and most importantly, the leader of BTS. Kim Namjoon is the first member of the boy group and leads this phenomenally successful boy group. CEO of Big Hit Entertainment, Bang had offered Namjoon a place with the label when he was just sixteen years old.

Namjoon had secretly accepted the offer without anyone knowing, and soon he and Pdogg would form boy band BTS. RM is also a rapper like J-Hope and Suga. After the phenomenal success of BTS, RM released their first solo song with Warren G titled “PDD (Please Don’t Die)”. Following this, his solo mixtape was released in 2015. As his music career took off, RM was also seen in TV dramas like Korean variety show Problematic Men. After news of BTS breaking up and pursuing solo careers, Kim Namjoon said future projects will be released as commercial albums. And with that, soon his first solo studio album is due out in December 2022.

We all know what a talented artist RM is. But do you know how generous he is as a person? RM is an art enthusiast and has made generous donations for the enhancement of art studies. He recently donated £100million to Seoul Samsun School on its 25th birthday. This huge amount is intended for hearing-impaired students so that they can receive a better musical education. In other cases, he has donated generous sums of ₩100 million to the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and has been recognized as one of the Korea Arts Council’s Top Patrons of the Arts. RM has also donated generous sums to the Office of Cultural Heritage Administration for the preservation and restoration of traditional culture and art.


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