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Social association VdK asks for cheaper monthly subscriptions



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The social association VdK does not consider the planned monthly ticket of 49 euros valid throughout the country to be sufficient. Instead, there should be a social ticket for a maximum price of 29 euros, as the spokesperson for the Tagesschau association points out. This ticket should then only be accessible to low-income households, for whom the 49-euro ticket is also too expensive.

The VdK also demands that public transport be barrier-free by 2026. This is already the goal of the federal government, but as we know, you can freely set goals, whether they will be achieved is another question. This is why the federal government and the governments of the Länder should commit themselves concretely there in new pacts of expansion and modernization. However, it currently appears that the exact date for the introduction of the 49 euro note has not yet been set.

Many experts doubt that the introduction in January 2023 is realistic. According to the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV), it could be March 1 next year.

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