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E-bikes are currently available at a significant discount



E-bikes are currently available at a significant discount

The Cowboy 3 e-bike can be ordered at a discount from November 22-30. The Belgian manufacturer has come up with a rather idiosyncratic campaign: the later you get the vehicle delivered, the cheaper it is.

The Cowboy 3 is the predecessor of the C4. The offer is only valid while stocks last and only during the order period indicated. The following discounts result:

  • Delivery in January: €1,990
  • Delivery in February: €1,390
  • Delivery in March: €1,290
  • Delivery in April: €1,190

Of course, you should think about it carefully, because a lot can happen by April 2023 – for example, more attractive models could be announced by Cowboy itself or the competition. But if it’s definitely going to be Cowboy 3 and you’re patient, the savings here may be worth it.

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