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Personality changes caused by high diastolic blood pressure

high blood pressure according to a recent study neurotic personality traits bound together. hypertension Keeping it under control can apparently help sufferers not only protect themselves cardiovascular illnesses protect, but also against fears and neuroticism.

professionals of BMJ (British Medical Journal) present the latest research findings that Association between high blood pressure and neurotic behavior especially point out this one diastolic blood pressure is therefore linked to neurotic personality traits. The study was recently published in the renowned journal “General psychiatry” present.

High blood pressure affects the heart and brain

High blood pressure is known to be one of the main risk factors for developing heart disease. However, there is also a higher than average prevalence of hypertension among those affected. psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression and neuroticism. The reason why this link exists has not yet been definitively clarified.

As the task force points out, blood pressure affects both the heart and the Brain out. It is therefore not excluded that high blood pressure can affect the personality.

Link between blood pressure and the psyche analyzed

The scientists involved in the study used an advanced assessment method called Mendelian randomizationexamine data from eight large studies on the link between blood pressure and psyche assess. In total, the data from more than 700,000 blood samples analyzed by people of predominantly European origin.

The association between four blood pressure characteristics (systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, pulse pressure, and the presence of hypertension greater than 140/90 mm Hg) and four psychological factors (anxiety, depressive symptoms, neuroticism, and subjective well-being ) was examined.

Diastolic blood pressure associated with neuroticism

The evaluation shows that above all a diastolic hypertension is significantly associated with neuroticism, but not with anxiety, depressive symptoms and subjective well-being.

Diastolic blood pressure is measured in the relaxation phase between two heartbeats. In a blood pressure measurement, this is the lower of the two values. A normal value is between 80 and 84 mmHg.

Neurotic people are more likely to develop mental health problems

The increase in neuroticism associated with diastolic hypertension could also be the cause of the increased prevalence of mental disorders in hypertensive people, since neurotic people are more sensitive to criticism, are often more self-critical and develop more fears, d concerns and hostility. easily.

According to researchers, neuroticism is one of the Main causes of anxiety and mood disorders seen. Neurotic people are more likely to develop high levels of stress, which can increase blood pressure and therefore the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The task force suggests that controlling blood pressure can also curb neurotic behaviors and anxiety. (vb)

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Graduate editor (FH) Volker Blasek


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