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iCloud for Windows probably has issues with video syncing



iCloud for Windows probably has issues with video syncing

Apple seems to be having issues with iCloud for Windows right now. At least that’s what a handful of MacRumors forum users confirm. The whole thing should of course be treated with caution, as there is no one in the comments on 9to5mac who can confirm the behavior, but maybe you will too.

Software video sync would be broken at this time. Problems range from corrupted files and broken syncs to black videos that sometimes show an image. The latter should probably include images from other iCloud accounts as well, which would be not-so-pleasant behavior – to say the least. User sleep_ghost also recorded this in a video and also uploaded a photo of the stranger’s video. Some users confirm this.

It looks like the client is trying to load a video from another account and cannot decode it correctly due to the missing key. The comments about Apple were likely dismissed without further analysis. Let’s see if the behavior persists. Please leave a comment if you are concerned.

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