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Identity card or passport could soon be sent by post



Identity card or passport could soon be sent by post

It currently looks like this: if you want to renew your identity card or passport, you have to go to the responsible authority twice: once to apply for it and once to collect it. The Ministry of the Interior now wants to abolish at least the second way. In future, the documents could then be sent directly to the home of the persons concerned by post.

When this option could start is still fully open. Unfortunately, as we can see, the cogs of bureaucracy turn rather slowly. This is then directly referred to as a “complex project” because many internal changes are necessary in the Bundesdruckerei and there are strong repercussions on the previous practices of the authorities responsible for passports, identity cards and immigration.

I myself have a rather limited understanding of this, as sending a document instead of delivering it personally should not normally constitute a forced march. The fact that you can almost drop coffee and cake in the office at the unfamiliar thought is no surprise, if you want to fall into the cliché box. But let’s be serious again and without irony: of course, in the long term, it would be a relief both for the employees of the authorities and for the citizens if identity cards and passports could be sent directly.

And indeed, there is always a lot of traffic at the registration desks, for example, and it is difficult to get appointments. So that sounds like a good plan.

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