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Mobile phone number is now required for use



Mobile phone number is now required for use

Players of Pokémon GO, Ingress Prime or Pikmin Bloom are already familiar with Niantic Social. This is an in-game service that you can use to manage your friends or add contacts. This service recently received an update, which means that your mobile number must now be linked to Niantic Social so that you can continue to use all the features of the service.

However, it is worth asking whether you really want the personal phone book to be passed on to the respective game and therefore also to Niantic. Ultimately, you only have the option of inviting your own contacts to the game or being found and added by friends through their in-game contact list.

At least for Pokémon GO, personally, I’ve always found it more enjoyable to have my trainer QR code printed and laminated as a card, then offered it from time to time at events. But this is of course only one solution among many others.

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