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New on Disney+: December 2022



Bob Iger is back at the helm as CEO

Disney+ has announced what’s new for December. Andor is currently in the finale and The Walking Dead has also come to an end and will soon make way for something new. Sure, Disney+ has been spotlighting a lot of Christmas-related stuff these days, but you’ll find other content as well. We have summarized what it is.


2. December

The housewife and the shah shocker (star)

“Greg’s Diary 2: Are you in trouble?” »

“Our only chance”

December 7

The Come Up – Season 1 (Star)

December 9

Idina Menzel: Which path to the stage? (Disney)

“Night at the Museum: Return of Kahmunrah”

“Darby and the Dead”

December 14

Between the World and Us – Season 1 (Star)

The Net – Power Play – Season 1 (Star)

“Montezuma’s Legacy”

“Murder by God”

December 16

The Pupil (Disney)

“If These Walls Could Sing”

December 21

+ That Crazy – Season 1 (Star)

December 28

Encanto at the Hollywood Bowl (OT) (Disney)

Tell Me Lies – Season 1 (Star)


Catalog title:

December 9

Bridget Jones’ baby (star)

December 14

Wild Wonders of Africa (National Geographic)

Boston Legal – Season 1-5 (star)

December 16

Doctor games (star)

Plan B (star)

December 21

The Top 10 of the 80s – Season 1 (National Geographic)

Mayday – Cockpit Alarm – Season 21 (National Geographic)

December 30

The Grotto (National Geographic)

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