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Support for Hue switches and smart buttons on the go



Amazon Alexa: switch devices based on time

Amazon Alexa will soon be able to correctly recognize and address smart buttons. In the US, Amazon is starting to roll out support for third-party buttons, so users can already use Hue buttons to trigger routines or switch devices in the Alexa universe. Please do not confuse this with the “Switch” menu item in the Alexa app, the new menu item is currently called Remote in the US app and therefore is for configurable switches and commands (remote ) such as the Philips Hue dimmer.

Hopefully Amazon will soon allow all users to easily integrate and configure such controls and buttons, Amazon’s own Echo buttons have been discontinued. For the Hue user the set probably isn’t much added value at the moment because if you want to turn on your Hue lights you can configure this directly through the Hue app, another Alexa automation would probably be needed to a double assignment. buttons and thus ensure a double execution. As soon as the buttons appear in the German Alexa app, we will let you know again.

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