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Synology MailPlus: version 3 released



Synology MailPlus: version 3 released

There are two related updates at Synology. The company released version 3 of Synology MailPlus app and Synology MailPlus Server. The jump from 2.x to 3.x clearly shows that something has been added functionally.

First of all, Synology MailPlus Server requires DSM 7.1. ARC authentication is now supported, as well as support for importing emails in SMC or PST format and exporting emails in SMC format to facilitate auditing tasks . Server version 3 also supports the use of DANE to authenticate the identity of receiving servers and to send email over TLS 1.3.

On the client side on the NAS, there is support for nested contacts to select shared mailbox members or email recipients, scheduling email delivery, S/MIME for signing and email encryption, multiple signatures and serial letters for personalized sending. mass emails.

Packages can be updated immediately. Mobile apps have also been updated accordingly.

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