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The golf update date is set and there is a new mode on top



The golf update date is set and there is a new mode on top

You’ll soon be able to play golf in Nintendo Switch Sports.

In a few days, you will be able to play golf, a new sport on Nintendo Switch Sports. As already announced this summer, the free update will be released later this year, more precisely on November 28.

It’s in mode: According to Nintendo, 21 holes are included that you already know from Wii Sports. You play golf solo or with up to seven friends in multiplayer mode.

Golf appears with survival mode

If you want to play golf with your loved ones, you can do so in the so-called survival golf mode.

This is how survival golf works: All players leave at the same time. The person with the most strokes for a hole is eliminated. Whoever stays last wins. So you get a form of Last Man Standing mode here.

Here you can watch the new sport in the trailer:

Here you can watch the golf mode in the trailer.


Here you can watch the golf mode in the trailer.

More information on Nintendo Switch Sports in the GamePro test

Colleague Annika was able to play Nintendo Switch Sports intensively when it was released in April and tells you in the GamePro test for the exclusive Switch game whether the sports of tennis, bowling, chanbara, football, badminton and volleyball are fun , or if Wii Sports is a child of its time and the magic is gone today.

The best switch games of the big ranking

If you’re currently looking for the best games for your small console, please check out our big GamePro ranking. Here we tell you which 52 Switch games we had the most fun with.

These include well-known games like Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey, but also lesser-known titles like the wonderful Paper Mario alternative Bug Fables or Hades, the best roguelite of recent years.

Have you played Switch Sports and if so, how did you like the game?

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