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These three spices make food much healthier – healing practice



Health Benefits of Using the Right Spices

herbs and spices can make meals not only tastier, but also healthier. Unfold for example basil, cardamom and coriander many positive health effects.

Especially during the Christmas season, many people eat more and more meals high in fat and carbohydrates, which leads to weight gain and health problems such as a increased blood pressure, increased blood sugar level and too high LDL cholesterol level foster. However, spices can be used to counter this.

Replace unhealthy ingredients

First, herbs and spices can help break down unhealthy ingredients like butter, cream, sugar and salt reduce in meals. In addition, many spices contain ingredients that are beneficial to health. This also applies to basil, cardamom and coriander.

Cardamom not only helps with bad breath

cardamom can be found in bread and baked goods, for example, and is usually also found in mulled wine. Cardamom helps with a stressed and reduced stomach gas and stomach pain.

Moreover, thanks to its expectorant and antibacterial ingredients, cardamom can also be used against coughs, colds and Sore throat to help.

Chewing the seeds of the spice is also a popular home remedy for bad breath. And according to an English-language newspaper, “Lipids in Health and DiseaseAccording to a published study, cardamom powder supplementation may also protect against obesity.

When obese rats ate a high-carb, high-fat diet, ingesting cardamom powder improved them Glucose intoleranceprevented the rise of lipid parameters and also the abdominal fat formation.

Basil is anti-inflammatory and good for digestion

Basil can be used, for example, in salads, appetizers or as a pesto, which is particularly suitable for refining pasta dishes. One of the most famous basil dishes is certainly the simple combination with Mozzarella and tomatoes.

Basil offers a variety of health benefits. For example, this solves it crampsinhibits inflammation and promotes the digestion. Basil is also said to have an analgesic effect.

In addition, basil can soothe the stomach and, for example, against diseases of the digestive tract such as gas and diarrhea helps. Antioxidant, liver-protecting, heart-stimulating, and antidepressant effects are also attributed to basil.

Finally, basil contains the natural compound fenchol, which Degradation of amyloid protein accelerated. A study in the English-language journalFrontiers of the neurosciences of aging“ concluded that fenchol a therapeutic approach to improve Alzheimer’s disease could represent.

Cilantro can prevent weight gain

While fresh coriander is often used as an ingredient in Asian cuisine, for example, coriander seeds (or fruits) are more commonly used in Europe, for example in bread, cookies, cheese, soups, pâté , bolognese sauce and liver sausage.

Coriander mainly contains various essential oils and is known to have the appetite stimulates. Fruits in particular are said to have a number of health benefits.

For example, fruit should cramps solve and gas to relieve. They are also thought to have general anti-inflammatory activity and rheumatoid arthritis to relieve.

Coriander also contains melatonin. It is a natural hormone produced by the body. In an English study published in thePineal Research Journalwas published, experts examined, among other things, the effects of melatonin on obesity in obese rats with diabetes.

They saw a variety of positive health effects. For example, melatonin has an effect weight gain cons, improve it blood lipid profileincreases health HDL cholesterol while reducing unhealthy LDL cholesterolaccording to the research team in a Press release.

According to the researchers, taking melatonin could Overweight reduce and lipid metabolism also improves in men cardiovascular illnesses in connection with obesity and dyslipidemia hinder.

combine the herbs

total are basil, cardamom and coriander are particularly well suited to make food tastier and healthier at the same time. A combination can further increase the beneficial health effects. (as)

Author and source information

This text corresponds to the requirements of the specialized medical literature, medical guidelines and current studies and has been verified by health professionals.


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This article contains general advice only and should not be used for self-diagnosis or treatment. It cannot substitute a visit to the doctor.

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