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A Simple Pokemon Crimson/Crimson Trick Makes Catching Shiny Really Easy



A Simple Pokemon Crimson/Crimson Trick Makes Catching Shiny Really Easy

Pokemon fans rejoice: this crimson and purple feat makes shiny hunting super easy.

Pokemon Crimson and Crimson have not been out for so long while there is already the first trick to get Shinys faster. It really works very easily, greatly increases your chances of getting dazzling Pokemon, and doesn’t just work in the late game. You can also use it early on to catch rare pocket monsters.

Pokemon Crimson and Crimson fans have already spotted a brilliant feat, here’s how it works

The method is simple: First you need to search for a Mass Pan aka Mass Outbreak on the map and travel to that point. Then you kill sixty Pokémon of the same type in a row. This increases the chance of a Shiny Pokémon appearing to 1/1365 (compared to the normal 1/4096).

Then you set up camp for a picnic. This will cause the Pokémon present in the area to disappear. If you prepare your picnic again, they reappear. Then you look around to see if there is already a dazzling Pokémon. Otherwise, repeat the process of setting up and taking down the Picnic until a shiny variant appears.


  • Look for a mace pan.
  • Kill 60 Pokémon in Auto Battle.
  • Prepare your picnic.
  • disassemble again
  • Check if there is already a shiny there
  • If so: rejoice!
  • If this is not the case: take out your picnic again and repeat the procedure.

it should work pretty fast, because not only have you increased the chance of shiny, but you can also generate masses of new Pokémon at once. This saves you from running and walking around or searching for certain Pokémon.

This way works completely without the use of tools like sandwiches or Schillerpins aka Shiny Charms. Of course, with their help, the odds can be increased again (up to 1/512), which of course makes the method even better and faster.

That only leaves the issue of tones making shiny hunting difficult, especially for colorblind Pokemon trainers. [LINK!].

Here you can the individual steps in the video see:

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Pokémon Crimson and Crimson are activated November 18, 2022 exclusively for Nintendo Switch appeared. In this GamePro special, you can read how the two Gen 9 editions differ from each other and which exclusive Pokemon are available.

Now it’s your turn as the GamePro community: what do you think of Shiny Hunting in Pokémon Crimson and Crimson? Tell us in the comments!

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