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Alexa skill available for GigaTV 4K Box



Alexa skill available for GigaTV 4K Box

Are you a Vodafone GigaTV customer and do you own a GigaTV 4K box? If you wish, you can now use a skill to make it suitable for voice command, provided that you then also call a corresponding echo device. Vodafone has now launched the new skill “Vodafone GigaTV”, with which the box can be easily controlled via Amazon Echo or a corresponding GigaTV remote control. Everything explicitly only works with the mentioned box, the GigaTV Cable Box 2 is not supported. The following commands are currently available:

  • Channel change: e.g. “Alexa, switch to ZDF”
  • Search: for example “Alexa, search for movies with Brad Bitt”
  • Shortcuts: for example “Alexa, open Netflix”
  • Program control: e.g. “Alexa, Pause”
  • Volume: for example “Alexa, louder”
  • some “more” features

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