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Get Free FUT Packs With Amazon Prime Now



Get Free FUT Packs With Amazon Prime Now

FIFA 23 fans can get additional FUT packs with an Amazon Prime membership.

FIFA 23 and FUT are very popular and if you want additional FUT packs, we have information for you: If you already pay for an Amazon Prime subscription, you can get FUT packs for FIFA 23 at no additional cost. We clarify how you get there and what to expect in the packages.

FIFA 23: FUT bonus pack for everyone with an Amazon Prime subscription

That’s what it’s about : Amazon Prime is currently giving you a FUT pack with different content every month. For now, you can use the November pack until the end of December. Then there’s the next thing, and the whole thing is supposed to work for a full year.

It’s in the current FUT pack: Anyone who secures the FUT pack for FIFA 23 through Amazon Prime will receive the following content.

  • 7 rare player items (gold)
  • Choice of 2 players with 81+ OVR
  • 12 rare consumables
  • 1 player on loan Haaland (15 games)
  • 8 player picks between 2 World Cup players

an opinion on the FIFA World Cup in Qatar: At this point, we would like to draw attention to the difficult circumstances that not only led to the awarding of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar, but also to the organization, preparation and running of the tournament. For more information, we recommend the ZDF report “Geheimsache Qatar”, in which sports journalist Jochen Breyer and author Julia Friedrichs discuss important questions about the World Cup on the spot.

You can see a FIFA 23 trailer here:

FIFA 23 - New trailer showcases all the new features in the World Cup update


FIFA 23 – New trailer showcases all the new features in the World Cup update

How to Use the Amazon Prime FUT Pack for FIFA 23

You need to go to the corresponding Amazon Prime Gaming page. There you will find various game content in the so-called “Loot” area that you can redeem – including for FIFA 23. Here you can activate FUT packs for FIFA 23.

You may need to link your Electronic Arts account to Amazon’s beforehand so that everything works and can be used in the game.

Pay2Win and game: But beware! FUT mode in particular contains massive Pay2Win mechanics. We also dismissed FIFA 23 in our GamePro review for allowing real money to buy better players. Additionally, EA’s FIFA titles have long been criticized for certain mechanics considered illegal gambling in some countries.

What do you think of Amazon Prime FUT packs?

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