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God of War Ragnarök Director Explains Why A Specific Fan Request Wasn’t Met In-Game



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Williams explains a decision that not all fans have been able to understand until now.

God of War Ragnarök is the direct sequel to Kratos and Atreus’ 2018 Norse adventure. We meet new and familiar characters throughout the epic story, and many fans have speculated in advance as to how these meetings could take place. Now, those who have already completed the game have found that a fan request in the storyline has not been met. Many were still hoping for a very specific weapon for Kratos. However, director Eric Williams explained why nothing came of it.

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Kratos’ third weapon in God of War Ragnarok. However, we do not give any details.

The game director explains the background

At the start of the new God of War offshoot, Kratos departs with two well-known weapons, namely the Blades of Chaos and the Leviathan Axe. However, many fans had suspected that the taciturn giant would come into possession of Thor’s legendary hammer, Mjölnir, at some point during his journey, for which a model was even included in one of the game’s special editions. did not happen, however, there were disappointed voices.

For good reason: However, game director Eric Williams has now explained to IGN why that fan request was dropped, or rather why Kratos was given a different third weapon during the story instead. One of the reasons is very simple:

“It was too easy for me. It was what you expected. It’s what people can relate to. They could see right through it. It wouldn’t have surprised. But the gun that would have surprised was the one we gave him.”

But that wasn’t the only reason, why Kratos does not use Mjolnir in Ragnarok. Willams just can’t imagine the weapon in the hands of the ancient god of war on his new mission:

The ax was also used as a counterpart [Mjölnir] did. It’s almost like the good gun and the bad gun. [Kratos] So raise your arms for what is right. Thor wields the weapon to strike down the giants and such. So we didn’t think it would work very well, [Mjölnir] adapt to Kratos.

Williams sees Kratos' ax as a counterpart to Mjolnir.

Williams sees Kratos’ ax as a counterpart to Mjölnir.

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That is why the choice fell on a very specific weapon

Additionally, Williams explains that choosing the third weapon for Kratos went through a lot of thought. It was important to the team that Kratos’ combat tool matched the story and had a personal connection to him. The Draupnir Spear not only dates back to the 2010 spin-off series The Ghost of Sparta, but is also made from the blood of Kratos.

So the reasons why it was Thor’s spear and not Hammer are completely understandable in a game where weapons are a big part of the story.

What do you think: are you happy with the spear or are you disappointed that Thor’s hammer didn’t end up in Kratos’ hands?

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