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Here’s how you get the Pikachu ball as a first-time buyer



Here's how you get the Pikachu ball as a first-time buyer

Here are the Mystery Gifts you can get in Crimson & Crimson.

As in the last generation of Pokémon, we can also receive secret gifts in Crimson & Crimson. However, this does not work automatically, we must actively require it. In this article, we summarized how it works in the ninth generation and what secret gifts there have been so far.

How to Get Mystery Gifts in Crimson & Crimson

What are secret gifts? Secret Gifts are items or Pokémon that you can claim for free over time. The prerequisites and actions associated with this can be varied. Sometimes you only need one code, sometimes other requirements apply.

You don’t need the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service for Secret Gifts, but you do need an internet connection or you won’t be able to receive anything. Also, the feature must first be unlocked in-game, but this happens very early.

To request a Mystery Gift, you need to do the following in Crimson & Crimson:

  1. Menu (X key)
  2. PokePortal
  3. secret gift
  4. Receive a gift (depends on the method of receipt)
    • Check the secret gift
    • Received via Internet
    • Received by serial number

Here again illustrated:

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All gift codes and secret gifts

We’ve listed the Secret Gifts available in Crimson & Crimson so far for you here. Note that some gifts have requirements and an expiration date. We will also list future bonuses here and update the article accordingly.

Pikachu with Tera-type flight

  • Pokemon: Pikachu
  • Expiration date: February 28, 2023
  • Prerequisite: You are among the first buyers of Karmesin/Purpur

The first secret gift is a bonus for all early runners. Introducing the Pikachu Balloon, a tribute to the popular Pokémon Trading Card Flying Pikachu. This level 5 Pikachu has Tera-type Flying and can also use the Flying attack, which a Pikachu cannot normally learn, in addition to Rod Strike, Thunder Shock, and Quick Attack Slash. His ability is static, which sometimes paralyzes enemies.

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