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MoneyMoney for macOS with update



MoneyMoney for macOS with update

MoneyMoney, the banking application for macOS, is now available in the new version 2.4.18. According to developer Michael Haller, this version is now officially compatible with macOS Ventura. MoneyMoney version 2.4.18 is available now on the Mac App Store and website. Interested people can test the version on the site for 30 days without obligation before buying it. The online banking software costs EUR 34.99. Existing users get the update for free.

The change log lists many other innovations:

  • Import and export of prepared transfers from the outbox.

  • Qonto current account support (retrieval of sales and transfers via API interface). MoneyMoney can directly access Qonto’s API interface, without going through a PSD2 account information service.

  • Support for Holvi current account (sales retrieval via PSD2 interface).

  • Support for SumUp current account (sales retrieval via PSD2 interface).

  • ICS credit card support (fetching sales again as before with web scraping, since their PSD2 interface is being phased out):

  • Support for VietinBank’s new FinTS/HBCI server.

  • Support for the new TAN procedure »SecureGo plus« of cooperative banks with direct release without TAN number (FinTS/HBCI interface):

  • When exporting sales in MT940 format, you can specify whether interim balances should be exported.

  • Workaround for apoBank: If necessary, the apoTAN device designation can be temporarily entered manually with the menu function »Change access data«. apoBank announced that it will fix the problem this year, probably by the end of December 2022. In order to shorten the waiting time a bit, I implemented a way in MoneyMoney to work around the incorrect behavior when retrieving apoTAN device names.

  • Preparations for IT migration from Postbank to Deutsche Bank (another update may be required in January): to know

  • Announcements made available via the FinTS/HBCI interface, for example for planned maintenance work, are displayed in a notification window.

  • Optimization of memory consumption.

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