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The list of trophies is here and provides the first shock



The list of trophies is here and provides the first shock

In The Callisto Protocol, you can collect a total of 27 trophies.

There’s still just over a week to go before the horror game The Callisto Protocol is released on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One and PC. And as is now the case fairly regularly before game releases, trophies have leaked here as well. So if you go platinum, you can use this list to prepare for corresponding tasks in The Callisto Protocol.

In total, there are in the PS4 and PS5 versions of the game 27 trophies to collectwhich break down as follows:

  • 1 platinum trophy
  • 7 gold trophies
  • 9 silver trophies
  • 10 bronze trophies

List of all trophies for The Callisto Protocol – Warning, spoilers!

Below is a list of trophies (in English) with descriptions in German. Please note that the list contains minor spoilers for later chapters of the game.

  • It’s over, Jacob! (Platinum) – Collect all trophies
  • I belong here (Gold) – Complete the game on any difficulty
  • You need a gun (gold) – Fully upgrade a weapon
  • Protocol is about life (gold) – Complete the game on Maximum Security difficulty
  • Reaper (gold) – Collect and read all bios implants
  • The common (gold) – Discover the mystery of Callipolis
  • Two heads are better than one (gold) – Turn off the Two-Head
  • Ranged Strike (Gold) – Kill an enemy with GRP and a punch combo
  • Get a Grip (Silver) – Catch 25 enemies with the GRP
  • Completed (Silver) – Take out a security robot
  • Paper Jams (Silver) – Print a weapon for the first time
  • Reforged (Silver) – Print weapon upgrade
  • Give Back (Silver) – Backstab 5 blind enemies
  • Float like a butterfly (Silver) – Dodge perfectly five times
  • Flesh Wound (Silver) – Use melee or ranged weapons to remove both arms from a living opponent
  • Chew ‘Em Up (Silver) – Kill 10 enemies with environmental traps
  • Workplace Hazard (Silver) – Use GRP to throw an opponent into an environmental trap
  • Mugshot (Bronze) – Take photo in photo mode
  • The Outer Way (Bronze) – Find the Outer Way boarding ship
  • Desperate Times (Bronze) – Elias gives a knife to Jacob
  • If the SHU fits… (Bronze) – Activate the SHU
  • Without paddle (Bronze) – Survive the tube slide
  • Crash Site (Bronze) – Return to the crashed ship
  • In the pipe, five by five (Bronze) – Reach the flight deck of the hangar
  • Power Up (Bronze) – Switch on the old factory power supply
  • What Lies Beneath (Bronze) – Find the source
  • Full Circle (Bronze) – Get thrown into the original cell

And a look at the list reveals a first “shock”. Because if you want to get platinum with Callisto Protocol, you can’t avoid playing the game on the highest difficulty level, which will likely be anything but a bed of roses. It’s also possible that this won’t be unlocked until after the first spin, which would then require at least two spins for platinum.

Want to get in the mood for survival horror? Then we recommend the presentation video of our colleague Michi Obermeier:

The Callisto Protocol - Space Splash Festival Preview


The Callisto Protocol – Space Splash Festival Preview

Many parallels with Dead Space

Callisto Protocol is Striking Distance Studios’ feature debut, developed by Dead Space creator Glen Schofield. You are here as freighter pilot Jacob Lee in the year 2320 on Jupiter’s moon Callisto, where you play with mysterious mutant humans.

The parallels to Dead Space are striking in places – among other things due to Jacob’s perspective and futuristic costume, including displays – but the title should also set enough of its own accents through the setting alone. The Callisto protocol will be released on December 2, 2022.

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