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Callisto Protocol is getting a ton of content in the Season Pass and it worries me



Callisto Protocol is getting a ton of content in the Season Pass and it worries me

The Callisto Protocol also offers a Season Pass with various content such as death scenes.

Hopefully, when The Callisto Protocol releases on December 2, we’ll be treated to a well-choreographed scary fest of survival in the style of the first Dead Space. Whether Striking Distance Studios’ debut title can actually hit the obvious model class remains to be seen, but Callisto already has one thing ahead of his dad in mind.

Because unlike 2008’s Dead Space, you can also get a Season Pass for Callisto Protocol if you want, which gives the game plenty of new content even after launch. Exactly what they are has now been announced and the list of contents includes:

  • Outer Way skin collection: Equip the main character Jacob with a new costume
  • Watchtower Skin Collection: 13 new death animations
  • Contagion Pack: New “Contagion” mode with less ammo and health buffs as well as permadeath
  • Riot Pack: New “Riot” horde mode in which hordes of enemies must be repelled

Additionally, there will also be story DLC in the future, and according to the dev team, all of the content should arrive sometime next year.

So that there is no bad impression here: Of course, I’m looking forward to it and also the additional content, after all, the new modes in particular should keep The Callisto Protocol interesting even after the story is over.

Tobie Veltin

When Dead Space came out in 2008, Tobi changed the way he viewed the horror genre. Because rarely has he felt such an intense atmosphere, been so captivated by it, as in Visceral Games’ masterpiece. The Callisto Protocol hasn’t hid its similarity to Dead Space since its announcement, which is why Tobi’s expectations for the title are already quite high.

Lack of concentration?

And yet I worry. Because when I look at the content list and see “new skins and animations” in particular, I have a feeling that this is not a survival horror game for single player, but a multiplayer game random.

It seems to me that too much emphasis is already placed on the future, even if the base – the game itself – hasn’t even been released yet. And that’s where my next concern comes in: does Callisto even deliver the quality that keeps me coming back for new content even after reading?

It is impossible to answer all of this at this time, so my concerns may of course be unfounded. But above all I expected one thing from The Callisto Protocol: the concentration on survival horror in the style of Dead Space, which I love so much, which was so successful at the time, among other things, precisely because of that accent – without much fanfare around it.

At Callisto, I’ve read buzzwords like “skins” and “season pass” even before release and I fear the focus on the actual base game will eventually be overlooked. Because that’s exactly where Callisto has to deliver and show what it’s capable of – only then does the extra content get interesting.

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The Callisto Protocol - Lots of gameplay in the new launch trailer


The Callisto Protocol – Lots of gameplay in the new launch trailer

In The Callisto Protocol, you play as freighter pilot Jacob Lee in the year 2320 on Jupiter’s moon Callisto, where he must deal with mutated humans from the Black Iron prison. Director of development studio Striking Distance is Glen Schofield, who designed the modern classic Dead Space with others in the penultimate decade. Moreover, it will be the subject of a remake shortly after the release of Callisto, namely in January 2023.

What do you say: do you think Tobi’s concerns are justified?

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