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DHL advises against cash on delivery orders over Christmas



New service for private customers to avoid emissions

The logistics company DHL advises against ordering COD goods at Christmas. With this choice, payment for the order does not take place in advance, but upon receipt at the front door. This is considered safe and can avoid customer stress if a delivery is delayed by the dealership. However, according to a report by Stern, which simply refers to a DHL spokesperson, this could delay the delivery itself.

DHL states that COD shipments will no longer be delivered directly to private addresses from the beginning of November until the volume of letters and parcels has decreased after Christmas. Instead, they go directly to nearby branches for pickup. This is to relieve delivery staff during this particularly busy time. Incidentally, this procedure also applies to shipments with customs amounts and shipments with additional payment.

The latter explains why a package that was forwarded to me, for which I then had to pay additional postage, e.g. B. also recently landed directly at an agency without attempting to deliver. According to DHL, it makes sense to have these packages sent directly to the branch or to choose other payment methods.

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