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Exploit lets you easily duplicate Shinys right now



Exploit lets you easily duplicate Shinys right now

More shinies for your team.

When a new Pokemon game comes out, it doesn’t take long for early gamers to begin their hunt for the Shiny. Fans even discovered an exploit for Crimson and Crimson, with which you can catch Shinys as often as you want. But you better be quick.

Save in the right place

This is how it’s done: In order to use the exploit explained by YouTuber Austin John Plays, you must first go near a location that you can enter without a loading screen, such as the town of Bolardin. Then it gets a bit more difficult, as you now have to find a nearby Shiny Pokemon that you can then use the hint to catch again and again.

If you’ve spotted a Shiny, all you have to do is catch it as normal. Once you’ve done that, run to the nearby location and save your game when you see the location name. Then quit the game and restart it. If you now return to where you grabbed the Shiny, it should be there again and you can grab it again.

In the video, you can review all this in animated images:

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It looks like you can currently repeat this procedure as often as you want and fill your entire team with Shinys. Either way, it’s important that you don’t save in the desert, but enter the location and save your game there. After restarting, the game appears to launch the same Pokemon into your world again.

The reason this cheat works is probably because the game only loads new wild Pokemon when you leave a location with a loading screen. But since you save here beforehand, the game will always remember the Shiny, even if you’ve already caught it.

Learn more about Crimson and Crimson Shiny Hunting:

Better be fast

If you want to go hunting for the sparkly little monsters, hurry, because it is quite possible that the exploit will be fixed with the next patch. After all, Pokemon captured this way can also be traded and would soon not be as rare as they should be.

Pokémon Crimson & Crimson is activated November 18 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch appeared. In our test you will learn everything you need to know about the two new editions and the ninth generation of Pokémon.

So what does it look like, are you still going to use the exploit and fill your team with Shinys?

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