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Get exclusive Pokemon with redemption codes



Get exclusive Pokemon with redemption codes

You can finally get the exclusive editions by redeeming codes.

As in all generations of Pokémon, there are also pocket monsters for crimson and purple, which only appear exclusively in one of the two editions. If you want to get such a Pokémon in your edition, you have no choice but to trade it with your friends. But if they’re not all that excited about the Pokémon franchise, you look down the tube. However, some Poké fans have found a solution for such cases, so that everyone can get the Pokemon they want: redeem codes.

A List of All Crimson and Crimson Exclusive Pokémon By the way, you can find it here:

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Pokémon Crimson/Crimson: All the exclusive Pokémon on the list

Chat even without friends

Youtuber Austin John, among others, has come up with a super handy system with redemption codes that matches players who want to redeem the corresponding Pokemon. It assigned numbers to each Pokemon, which you then need to enter into the game to trade it.

Concretely, it works like this:

  • Open menu with X
  • Select the PokéPortal
  • Select link exchange here

In this screen you can then enter a password, for this you use the corresponding code.

Here’s how the system works: Incidentally, the numbers assigned to Pokémon are based on the respective Pocket Monsters’ Pokédex entries. For example, if you Felori against a Krokel If you want to swap, enter the following numbers: 0001-0004.

A person who wants to make the reverse exchange enter the same way. This gives you the chance to find someone who will trade the matching Pokemon with you. Then, if you come across a Trainer with the same Pokemon, just exit the trade and try again.

Redeem codes at a glance

You can see the full list here, on the Twitter account of AustinJohn:

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A little luck is always needed, of course, but the more players use these codes, the higher the chance that everyone will get the Pokemon they want. We also tried this code and it worked right away.

So be sure to try out the codes yourself and redeem what you can. So let us know in the comments if it worked for you too.

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