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God of War Ragnarok has surpassed all other Sony first-party games



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God of War Ragnarök celebrates a resounding success for Sony and sets a new sales record.

God of War Ragnarök sets a new sales record, beating previous Sony exclusives. Put simply, this means that no PlayStation game from a first-party studio has sold so many times in such a short time. Of course, God of War is also setting a franchise record at the same time. No God of War game has sold faster.

God of War Ragnarök breaks a record and is Sony’s best-selling game

That’s what it’s about : God of War Ragnarok released for PS4 and PS5 on November 9th. It’s a PlayStation exclusive from Sony Santa Monica. However, a PC version should follow at some point, the first part has already been released there.

More than 5 million: In the first week of launch, God of War Ragnarök sold over 5.1 million copies. That’s a franchise record for any God of War title. The 2018 soft reboot had sold 3.1 million copies during its launch period.

Sony recording: According to Sony, God of War Ragnarök is also the best-selling first-party game in PlayStation history. This title previously belonged to The Last of Us 2 with over 4 million units sold in the first three days of release. And before that, Insomniac’s Spider-Man sold over 3.3 million units in the first three days of release.

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Also interesting: Excitingly, Nintendo and Game Freaks Pokémon Crimson and Crimson reportedly sold over 10 million copies in three days. The ninth generation is also set to set a record, with no other game having ever sold faster on a Nintendo platform – despite numerous technical difficulties (via: Stephen Totilo on Twitter).

You can register here God of War Ragnarok behind the scenes video To look at:

God of War Ragnarök - How Kratos was created in the game


God of War Ragnarök – How Kratos was created in the game

Learn more about Sony’s mega blockbuster:

If you’re one of those who’ve already beaten God of War Ragnarök, here are eight other Norse mythology games you can play right now. No matter what genre you like, there really should be something for every decor fan.

Are you one of those who purchased God of War Ragnarok at launch? What sales figures would you have estimated?

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