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Official HBO Series Poster Brings Back Memories From PS3 Cover



The start date of the HBO series is official

We now also know what the official poster of the series looks like.

It took a long time, but now the time has come: Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal will conquer our screens in the new HBO series in a few weeks. Over the months, we’ve already seen footage from set and finally official trailers or teasers. Now, the poster for The Last of Us adaptation has also surfaced – and it’s bringing back memories right away.

This is what the poster looks like

The poster was posted on Twitter and shows – unsurprisingly – the story’s two main characters, Ellie and Joel. Set against an overgrown skyline, they walk in the opposite direction of the camera but turn to face it. Joel, walking behind Ellie, throws a very suspicious look over his shoulder as Ellie searches for him.

Check out the poster here (Image source: Twitter).

Check out the poster here (Image source: Twitter).

The sky above both is shrouded in dark clouds, but between the two the sun flickers here and there – matching the poster’s caption: “When you’re lost in the dark seek the light ” (When you’re lost in the dark, looking for the light).

You can watch a trailer for the series here:

The Last of Us - The real first trailer for the series is out


The Last of Us – The real first trailer for the series is out

More news and information about The Last of Us universe:

The pattern is reminiscent of the shell of the PS3

If you feel like you’ve seen the scene before, it might be because the image reminds you of the cover of the PS3 version of The Last of Us. It also shows Ellie and Joel in front of a city silhouette , facing the camera but looking back.

As a reminder, here's what the cover of the PS3 version looked like.

As a reminder, here’s what the cover of the PS3 version looked like.

The city must be Pittsburgh judging by the architecture. Additionally, Ellie wears the gun she receives there very prominently over her shoulder.

Even though the scene is very similar, there are some differences: For example, the positions of the two are reversed on the PS3 cover. In addition, the architecture differs somewhat and the different mood lighting is also noticeable. The PS3 case is wrapped in warm sunshine tones. Still, it’s nice to see how the adaptation recaptures the game’s vibe and immediately sparks associations with fans.

When does The Last of Us series begin? The series begins on the night of January 15-16 exclusively on Sky Atlantic and WOW in Germany. If you want to know more, check out this article.

How do you find the poster – especially compared to the PS3 cover?

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