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Raycast: macOS shortcuts are now integrated



Raycast: macOS shortcuts are now integrated

I had already presented Raycast in the blog. Basically a Spotlight-style program launcher for macOS. Of course, that’s a gross understatement, because raycast is powerful. You can do a lot with it, my most common actions are user defined searches, macOS window management, conversions, Raycast is also a tool for clipboard or replacing or expanding texts. Spotlight on Steroids is not an exaggeration, if you dig into it you might be able to overlook other tools.

Version 1.44.0 is now out, which is certainly aimed primarily at users who use shortcuts a lot. macOS shortcuts are now more deeply integrated into Raycast. Custom icons and folders are displayed in Raycast – and if a shortcut accepts an argument, you can enter it here. Take a look at the app (and extensions) if you are interested, it can also be used by “normal people” – you save time, extra apps and probably also nerves.

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